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Private Violin and Viola Lessons

"She came home from school very excited today. Her music teacher moved her from the beginning to the intermediate violin class with many of her classmates who had been taking violin at school for the past four years. It was a big deal to be with the rest of her friends! Thank you!"

                                                            -Andrew, parent of 9-year-old student



"He performed for us today and we were so impressed. Thank you! He's very happy to be under your instruction. Had to share- he was so proud!!"

                                                            -Mary Jo, parent of 9-year-old student  

     Abby recognizes the importance of initiating music education at the earliest possible age. In her private violin studio, curriculum is tailored to the specific age and learning ability of each student. At the end of each school year, she organizes a studio recital in order to give students an opportunity to perform for family and friends.



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